The Art of Influence: Breaking Criminal Traditions

February 9 – April 6, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, February 13, 6:30-9PM

A unique presentation, designed specifically for the Schoenherr Gallery of North Central College, calling attention to ongoing ancient rituals that kill or maim millions each year – yet are not considered crimes. The exhibition focuses on the beauty of high-quality fine art to raise awareness of human rights issues and in doing so – begins a dialogue that may encourage change.

The exhibition includes works of art by: Corinna Button, James Deeb, Sheila Ganch, Claire Girodie, Charles Gniech, Sergio Gomez, Andrea Harris, Lelde Kalmite, Paula Kloczkowski Luberda, Richard Laurent, Kathy Liao, Chandrika Marla, Nancy Rosen, Lorraine Sack, Dominic Sansone, Valerie Schiff, Barbara Simcoe, and Anne Smith Stephan.

Schoenherr Gallery of North Central College
171 E. Chicago Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540